Stepping Back in Time at Sarasota, FL Old Military Forts & Bases

Stepping back in time at Sarasota, FL, Old Military Forts & Bases can be an incredibly rewarding and educational experience. From taking in the stunning views of the bay and beaches to witnessing ancient military structures, there is something unique and enriching around every corner. Information can be found here.


Fort De Soto Park, the William H. Singletary Barracks, and the Cudjoe Key Lighthouse are all open to exploration. Fort De Soto Park has stood since 1898 and served as an active Coast Artillery post. Visitors will find structures dating back to the Spanish-American War. See here for information about Taking a Bite of Sarasota, FL Culture at its Festivals & Events.

The William H. Singletary Barracks, located just a few miles away from Fort De Soto, is another exciting piece of the military history of Sarasota. This military base was founded in 1919 and is the site of numerous frescos and housing elements from as far back as the Spanish-American War. It is interesting for visitors to explore this former army facility’s almost century-old architecture and artwork.


Finally, the Cudjoe Key Lighthouse is another great time capsule standing since 1858. It has had a long and rich military usage, seeing four wars, including the Civil War, and serving as an active Coast Artillery post until 1962. It is a stunning piece of architecture, and any visitors to Sarasota should check it out.


For those looking to step back in time and get a real taste of what life was like centuries ago, there is no better place than Sarasota, FL, Old Military Forts & Bases. From viewing picturesque vistas to exploring ancient military structures, there is something for everyone in this great area.