You must have heard about SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), but have you have heard about VaaS (Video-as-a-Service)? SAC, as a full-service systems integration company, is constantly testing new technologies and devices. We specialize in integrating various technology platforms to provide unique solutions for our customers for a wide variety of use-cases.

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What is VaaS?

In the SaaS model, an application runs at a hosted facility operated by the service provider. The servers, software, and database are part of the IT infrastructure at the hosted facility. The front-end runs at the customer’s facility and the customer pays a monthly subscription for use of the application.

The VaaS model is similar in that the camera system is at the customer location, and the video data storage and infrastructure is at a hosted facility. Customers access their video via a web browser (from anywhere with internet access), smart device, or dedicated terminal. This arrangement greatly simplifies the customer’s local IT infrastructure, provides flexibility, and is more secure as the video data is stored at SAC’s secure UL Listed facility. VaaS can be used for video surveillance or video conferencing/collaboration applications.

Hosted VaaS

The customer’s investment is limited to installing video cameras on premises and a high-speed internet connection. The video storage device, the Video Management Software (“VMS”), and the VMS server infrastructure are hosted at SAC’s facility.

Managed VaaS

The customer invests in the video cameras, the Network Video Recorder (“NVR”) or video server, and the broadband connection. SAC provides the VMS and VMS server infrastructure, and is available to actively manage your video streams and is available in the event you need video footage.

  • Target Users

    In the world of remote working and video collaboration, VaaS is a great solution to integrate video capabilities into employee and customer meetings. VaaS is a solution for video conferencing capabilities over an IP network provided securely by SAC utilizing our broad and modern IT infrastructure secured with the latest technology.

  • SAC’s VaaS service is well suited for the following end-users:

    • Customers who do not want to invest in on-premise camera system and IT infrastructure;
    • Customers who do not want to invest in personnel to manage and administer the infrastructure and camera system;
    • Customers who do not have the facilities to host such an infrastructure; and
    • Customers who want to focus on their core business and let us be your outsourced IT and video surveillance solutions provider.

Difference between VaaS and Video Alarm Monitoring

VaaS is the application for managing the video content captured by cameras on-premises at a customer’s location and making the video available for viewing, storing, and analyzing. Video Alarm Monitoring is triggered by a security alarm device and enables our central station operators to use the content captured by the camera to decide whether to dispatch authorities, alert the building management/owner, or both.