Security Systems

The most common reason for a basic burglar alarm system is to prevent unwanted visitors from entering a location. It can be a simple as that.
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There are a wide array or sensors and detectors, along with various types of keypads to activate the system. The system can have wires running to all the sensors, or it can be wireless, or a combination of both. You can install the system yourself, or you can have Security Alarm Corporation (“SAC”) service and monitor the system for you.

It essentially comes down to a tradeoff among time, convenience, security, and cost.

This is where Security Alarm Corporation comes out on top. Do you have the time to install your alarm system and then debug it when there is a problem? Then there is the important issue of security. Some of the alarm systems, especially the cheaper ones, do not tell you that you are not simply a customer – you and your personal data are also that company’s product. They offer cheap pricing to you because they then sell your personal information to marketing firms. And in some instances, your data is stored on computers in foreign countries.

SAC makes these promises to all its customers:

  • 1

    Your calls are always answered by our own operators in a secure UL Listed central station in the USA.

  • 2

    We will NEVER sell your personal information to any outside parties.

  • 3

    Our pricing is and will be competitive with other security and alarm companies.

SAC’s trained account managers, and its skilled technical personnel, will provide a quote at no charge for your own unique requirements.

Other Considerations:

Exit Notification

Sometimes it is just as important to know when someone has left an area, as when someone has entered an area. This is an important sensor if a client is concerned that a home member, such as an ageing parent, leaves the premises at an inappropriate time. SAC has a solution for that.

For business clients SAC can generate reports and send notifications when employees enter or exit premises providing management with the enhanced visibility into employee activity.

Special Monitoring

Today, what you can monitor is sometimes only limited by your imagination. For example, SAC has sensors to monitor glass breakage, heat and/or cold variations, and water intrusion. Naturally, SAC has industry required sensors for heat and smoke detection. But additionally we can monitor carbon monoxide which is very important if you have an attached garage or an emergency generator. Also, SAC can monitor both natural gas and propane gas leakage.

Personal Monitoring

SAC also has a product line of personal emergency sensors which can be worn around your neck or on your wrist. Help is only a button push away. There are several options on these devices. There is one device that is useful in the home, including a shower or bath. There are other devices with GPS that can be used anywhere. With cellular capability, the user can request assistance anywhere a mobile phone will operate, and the GPS locator will show EMS personnel the location of the user.