Personal Emergency

SAC has a product line of personal emergency sensors which can be worn around your neck or on your wrist, commonly known as personal emergency response systems (“PERS”) or medical alarms. A PERS system is an alarm designed to alert a monitoring center when a potential peril or hazard has occurred to an individual, and to summon emergency personnel.

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There are several options for these devices. One type of device is commonly referred to as a panic button – the user simply pushes a button to trigger a silent alarm which will dispatch the police to a location. There is one device that is useful in the home, including a shower or bath, and interfaces with the home alarm system to alert when a potential slip or fall has occurred. Finally, other devices are GPS-enabled and can be used anywhere. With cellular capability, the user can request assistance anywhere a mobile phone will operate and the GPS locator will show emergency medical personnel the location of the user.