Open/Close Notification

Security Alarm Corporation (“SAC”) owns and operates its own UL Listed and TMA Five Diamond Certified monitoring center in Port Charlotte, FL. Our highly trained, professional, and certified staff are on-site 24/7 and all our phone calls are answered by our own operators based in Florida, not out of state or country.

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Tailored Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring is the quick and detailed communication between your alarm system and our central station monitoring center. SAC’s licensed central station operators receive signals from your systems, they quickly analyze the signal information, and respond whether by communicating with the building administrator/owner or with emergency response personnel depending upon the type of alarm signal and device sending the signal.

  • SAC can monitor commercial security and fire systems produced by all major alarm manufacturers. We can monitor every time your system is armed or disarmed, or when doors are opened or closed, and send you a report electronically at your desired frequency.
  • You can even specify allowable times for your employees to be opening and closing your facilities. If any activity occurs outside those hours, our operators will notify you immediately or via electronic report – where any opening and closing signals get sent to you instantly via email (or to your mobile device).
  • We are working 24/7 in our hardened, fully redundant, and access-controlled facility to help you safeguard your organization or residence.
  • We have seen a lot and have provided custom solutions in out 40+ year history utilizing proven, reliable alarm technology to provide tailored solutions to our customers.
  • Why us?

    • We monitor systems by all major alarm manufacturers.
    • Our local, certified, and professionally trained operators have direct access to responding authorities.
    • We operate a UL Listed central station monitoring center.
    • Our central station is Five Diamond Certified by The Monitoring Association.
    • In addition to telephone monitoring, we offer the latest in cellular, internet, and radio monitoring.
    • Insurance discounts are available as most insurance companies offer discounts of up to 20% off of homeowners’ policies when proof of our monitoring is shown.