Video Surveillance

SAC has a wide array of video surveillance options, suitable for all sized homes, business locations, and large commercial and institutional campus environments.

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SAC is also aware that many video systems vendors are made in China and are now “blacklisted”, or illegal to install, in government buildings. SAC has a line of comprehensive video products that will not be blacklisted.

SAC has cameras for all applications. Want to see who is at the front door or around the property? SAC offers cameras with high definition and ultra-high definition video resolution, as well as the capability to see the images on your smartphone.

SAC also markets a new line of video products with capabilities that address some of the special security concerns occurring today. Do you want to ensure that no visitor with an elevated temperature is admitted to your premises? SAC has a camera/sensor for that. Or do you want to ensure that anyone entering a building is wearing a mask? SAC has cameras with image recognition capabilities that enable that capability.