Home Theater

The movie theater industry is changing rapidly, being adversely impacted by two paradigm shifts: COVID-19 virus lockdowns and a Direct-to-Viewer marketing model now being utilized by major movie studios.
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COVID-19 was an unexpected and detrimental pandemic. High infection rates and government requirements for social distancing are requiring movie theaters to operate at a fraction of capacity. At the same time, many studios are limiting the amount of time they grant exclusive viewing rights to movie theater chains and are instead either going to cable television or even more profitably, going Over The Top (OTT) by offering the content directly to customers over high speed internet. What is missing for the user is the movie theater experiences – beautiful high-resolution big screen picture and enveloping sound. You can recapture that presence with a professionally installed home theater.

SAC offers the latest audio and video solutions, with large screen ultra-high definition pictures as well as various sound options from Dolby and DTS 5.1 up to Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 which surrounds you with sound – in front of you, beside you, in back of you, and overhead. It will sound and look as good, if not better, than your last visit to the movie theater. SAC can also design a custom theater or a multi-use media room that can double as a family room.