Central Vacuum

Everyone likes a large, high powered vacuum cleaner for its ability to really clean your home. But no one likes dragging the heavy appliance around, it often cannot get into hard to reach places. And the noise!
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You are a prime candidate for a whole house vacuum system. A high-powered system is installed in your garage or other out-of-the way location, and all you have is a long hose that you plug into vacuum outlets located throughout your home. Heavy rugs, no problem. SAC’s vacuum systems can power an electric powerhead that will get all the dirt out. There are other attachments for furniture, blinds, wood floors and hard to reach areas. Do you have some non-rug areas (bathrooms, kitchens, lanai’s) that need occasional cleaning, but you don’t want to get out the entire hose assembly? Easy. SAC can install floor level vac-pans. Simply broom the dirt to the vac pan, kick it open (and on) with your foot. The central vacuum motor turns on and sucks in the dirt.

Another advantage of the vacuum system – all dirty air is expelled to the outside, keeping your home fresh. All dirt is stored at the central vacuum which is easily emptied when full.