Distributed Antenna Systems

Distributed antenna systems (“DAS”), also known as bi-directional amplifier (“BDA”) systems, help improve wireless signal inside a building. There are two major types of DAS, one for public safety two-way radios and one for cellular phone connectivity – SAC can design, install, and configure both types of DAS.

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Public safety BDA systems help first responders maintain wireless communications while inside a building during emergencies. Communication is critical for first responders and maintaining communication while responding to a life safety threat is the goal for a BDA system. A BDA system is a crucial part of a building’s life safety systems and ultimately benefits first responders and building occupants by improving emergency response efficiency.

Many state and local regulations and AHJ’s now mandate public safety BDA systems. We work with contractors, local AHJ’s, and building owners to design and install a system that satisfies public safety codes.