Exploring Sarasota, FL Historical Landmarks

If you’re looking to explore history, there’s no better place to visit than Sarasota, FL. This vibrant city has a wealth of historical landmarks to explore, each with its unique stories and culture to uncover. From monuments to museums, here are some of the top historical sites to check out when visiting Sarasota. Learn more here.


The Ringling Brothers Circus Museum is an absolute must-see. Here, you can see where the famous brothers made their start in the local circus world. Artifacts, memorabilia, and archival photographs are on display to help tell the story of their rise to fame. Learn more about Taste your way through Sarasota, FL Winery Hotspots.

The Unconditional Surrender Statue is another great stop for anyone interested in the city’s history. This world-famous tribute to World War II is a replica of a Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph and continues to be an inspirational symbol of the war’s end.


Pay a visit to the Historic Spanish Point to look into Sarasota’s earliest days. This stunning archaeological site has been active since 500 BCE and tells the story of the city’s life before the Circum-Caribbean settlers.


Finally, a Sarasota history tour would only be complete with bopping at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. This incredible botanical paradise was established in honor of the late Professor Marie Selby and continues to inspire garden lovers everywhere.


Exploring these historical landmarks will give you a unique look at Sarasota’s vibrant past. So, the next time you find yourself in town, visit these fantastic sites for an unforgettable experience.