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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What kind of battery does my security system have and where can I get one?
A:  All security systems have a 12 volt battery that ranges from 4ah -7.5ah (amp/hour).  You can purchase these batteries from Security Alarm Corporation directly.

Q: If I change my phone service or put on temporary status when I am out of town how will that effect my alarm system?
A:  Most alarm systems communicate with our Central Station by way of telephone lines, any change in service or temporary disconnection can cut off our communication path.  It is recommended that the alarm system be tested after any work or servicing of telephone lines.  Cellular devices are also now available to eliminate the need for local phone service or concerns of someone cutting the phone line.  Please call us for more details.

Q:  Who calls us when our alarm activates?
A:  Security Alarm Corporation’s operators place a call to the verification number on the account and follow our standard procedures to reach the customer.  If there is no answer on the first number, we then attempt to verify using the secondary number on the account.  We will then dispatch the authorities only after making the second call, unless you have given us special instructions.

Q: Can Security Alarm Corporation turn off a customer’s security system remotely?
A:  No.  In most cases Security Alarm Corporation has no remote connectivity to a customer’s security system.  The security system does, however, have a 15 minute timeout feature in which the sirens will shut off and reset themselves.  New alarm panel technology is now available that allows a customer to login with a smart phone and access their security system.  Please call us for more details.