Management Team

Michael D. Colavito

Field Operations Supervisor

Michael D. Colavito is SAC’s Service Manager and assists with the supervision of Service Technicians. His job duties also include project coordination and management, work scheduling, technical training, customer service, site surveys, and product research. Another important component of his job is assisting in the field with complex installations and service calls

Michael has been in the low voltage and telecommunications field since 1990. He started his career in the cable TV (CATV) industry and was on the front lines for the emergence of broadband, high speed data communications. This accelerated for him in the early 2000’s when he changed his focus to voice and data fiber-optic applications, starting as a technician and being promoted to project leader.

Along the way, Colavito acquired expertise in the security field. These areas included intrusion and fire alarms and their monitoring, access control, and CCTV video surveillance camera systems. He applied these technologies at TCI, a company that was acquired by Comcast. Michael has several certifications, including FASA (Fire Alarm Systems Agent) / BASA (Burglar Alarm Systems Agent) issued by the State of Florida.

Mr. Colavito has a deep understanding of the importance of intrusion alarm systems. He was a victim of a home invasion in 2010. His laser focus in this area is one of the reasons that SAC is “Your Partner in Protection.”

Management Team