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Central Station

Security Alarm Corporation: Security and Fire Monitoring Operations

Top Notch Facilities, Cutting Edge Technology, and Elite Personnel

Security Alarm Corporation can monitor any existing security or fire alarm system regardless of brand, company, or age.
Additionally, Security Alarm Corporation will monitor accounts for independent alarm dealers as a third party monitoring center.
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Security Alarm Corporation’s strength is in the individuals that supervise and operate our central station monitoring facility.
Our operators are professionally trained and tested prior to the operation of our alarm monitoring systems.  Monthly training
and testing assure that all operators meet the rigorous standards set forth by our company, the Central Station Alarm Association,
and Underwriters’ Laboratories.

Our monitoring facility is supervised and serviced by telecommunications specialists, software engineers, and technicians to
provide uninterrupted service to meet your unique monitoring needs.


Security Alarm Corporation Central Station Monitoring Facilities

  • Security Alarm Corporation was the first company in its region to provide its dealers and customers the protection of a U.L. Certified Central Monitoring Station.  Additionally, Security Alarm Corporation’s elite central station is Five Diamond Certified by the Central Station Alarm Association.
  • For decades Security Alarm Corporation has offered its advanced monitoring services to fire and security system contractors, utility companies, along with county and state government facilities.
  • Each year Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) recertifies our central station to assure compliance with their respective guidelines.  Security Alarm Corporation’s facility was engineered to meet or exceed all requirements.  Some of the items required to meet operational guidelines are as follows.
  • The facility is built to withstand three hours of direct fire from all sides, including the roof.
  • The facility is hurricane proof and can withstand 175mph winds.
  • All access doors are steel, fire-rated, and electronically controlled.  Access for all personnel is limited and all entry and exit is logged continuously.
  • Central station operators are monitored at all times by security cameras and records are maintained to ensure we are providing the highest level of security possible.
  • Dedicated local telephone trunks back up multiple path incoming toll-free and outgoing communications. Communication systems at our central station monitoring center are redundant and are fully protected from electrical damages and outages.
  • Security Alarm Corporation’s central station monitoring center is backed up by uninterruptible power systems, a Cummins 6 cylinder diesel generator system, and further backed by a redundant propane gas generator.  Each generator runs under peak load weekly to assure operability.
  • All voice communications made by our operators in response to all signals and day-to-day operations are logged.
  • All dispatch operators have CSAA & SIA Level 2 certifications.  The CSAA Five Diamond training program is standard for all new operators in training.
  • Employees are screened before employment and at various intervals during employment to assure that they remain drug free and maintain a clean criminal record.


Security Alarm Corporation’s Third Party Dealer Monitoring

Security Alarm Corporation’s relentless pursuit to provide advanced monitoring services allows our dealers to stay ahead of the ever-changing marketplace.

Our services include:

-Customized Monitoring and Reporting
-Toll-Free Phone Monitoring
-Internet Monitoring
-Long Range Radio
-Cellular Monitoring
-Specialized Medical Monitoring
-Remote Access Systems